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The Hay Hoarder Team

Meet The Hay Hoader Team

Greetings From Team HH  

Our team was brought together by years of friendship and a shared love for all things equine.  We’re lucky to all live in the same beautiful, rural community in Western New York, where we are surrounded by acres and acres of state forest land.  We spend as much time as we can trail riding and enjoying the peace and tranquility of unmarked trails and quietly flowing streams that cut through the forest floor.  When we’re not working at our full time jobs, you can be sure to find us trail riding or working around our farms – there is always work to be done around the farm!   

Like most other horse owners, we spend a great deal of time looking for products that will make life on the farm easier for us, while still providing the level of care our horses deserve.  We’ve certainly come across many fantastic products that have benefitted all of us (horses not excluded), but every once in a while we find ourselves frustrated by the lack of specific products that meet all the requirements we want.  When we can’t find them, we make them and that’s where The Hay Hoarder was born!    

We realize that horse ownership is not a cheap date and that every possible way to save money while still maintaining healthy horses is vital to living the equestrian lifestyle we love so much.  We strive to continue to bring you innovative products that will help improve the hobby farm and trail riding lifestyle.       

Happy Trails!

The Hay Hoarder Personalized Name Graphic

People Are Talking About Hay Hoarder

"Wildcat and I really like The Hay Hoarder!  He eats a lot and it's nice to be able to fill the feeder once a day and know he'll have enough to last him all day and none of it will be wasted.  We'll be buying more for our other horses!"

- Heather (Hidden Valley Stables), PA  

"I'm thrilled with my Hay Hoarders. It's amazing how much less hay is being wasted since I installed these feeders, and they're so easy to fill!  Great product!"

- Mary Smith, NY

Sunny the Hay Hoarder Quality Tester

Product Testing by Sunny

We’re horse owners just like you and we were determined to create a slow hay feeding product that not only works well, but also a product that will hold up to even the toughest of horses.  So, we set out to put the Hay Hoarder through its paces.  We have Hay Hoarders in straight stalls, box stalls and even in a run-in shelter.  For the most part, we’re those lucky horse owners that have mild mannered, easy going eaters, but there is always that one horse…

  Meet Sunny!  He’s our resident oversized draft cross.  You know… the kind of big horse that thinks he’s a Shetland pony, or maybe even a lap dog.  He’s as sweet as they come, but he is ROUGH on everything – especially stall accessories.  You see, he forgets that he’s big and strong.  He crushes water buckets and bends traditional metal hay feeders.  He doesn’t mean to, he just likes to use them to scratch an itch or lean against while he’s resting – but he’s big, heavy, and strong!  So, from the very beginning of Hay Hoarder, Sunny has been our main quality tester!  We figured that if the Hay Hoarder could handle Sunny, it can handle most any horse that’s out there.  We’re happy to report that Sunny loves his Hay Hoarder and we can say with certainty that the Hay Hoarder is built to last!  Tell us your Hay Hoarder story; we’d love to hear from you!  Don’t forget to include a picture of your Hay Hoarder tester!