Simplifying Equine And Hobby Farm Life

Simplifying Equine And Hobby Farm Life

Simplifying Equine And Hobby Farm LifeSimplifying Equine And Hobby Farm LifeSimplifying Equine And Hobby Farm Life

Winter has arrived, order your Hay Hoarder and start saving hay today! 

The Hay Hoarder Intro Video

Watch our introduction video to learn more about The Hay Hoarder Slow Feeding System! 

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Introducing The Hay Hoarder

Personalized Hay Hoarder Name Graphic

What is The Hay Hoarder?

The patented design of The Hay Hoarder  offers a unique equine slow hay feeding system.  It's easy to install and simple to fill!  The Hay Hoarder will save you money on your yearly hay bill because it incorporates a slow feeding hay net that helps minimize hay waste.

The large storage capacity of The Hay Hoarder (3/4 to 1 full standard sized bale) makes for less work!  Fill it once a day or once every few days depending on your horse.  The Hay Hoarder is perfect for stall feeding, as well as shelter feeding! 

The large opening of the Hay Hoarder Hopper makes filling the net a breeze! No more struggling with the hay net and there is no complicated latching system to worry about!

Horse owners that have concerns about consumption control need not look any farther for a slow hay feeding system.  The Hay Hoarder comes complete with a genuine Shires 2" feed through hole slow feed net. 

The sturdy steel construction of The Hay Hoarder Hopper is designed to hold up to daily use.  It's unique design, powder coat finish,  and reinforced corners make it an ideal long term hay feeding solution.

Installing The Hay Hoarder is simple!  With standard tools your Hay Hoarder can be installed in minutes!  Just use our easy to follow instructions included with your purchase or watch our installation video found in the Photo Gallery.

Why Choose The Hay Hoarder System?

As horse owners, we know the value of hay.  There are few things as frustrating as seeing piles of wasted hay on the stall or shelter floor.  We all know that hay isn't cheap, but it is necessary to keep our horses in good health - especially through the long winter months!  The Hay Hoarder Slow Hay Feeding System checks all the box- its easy to fill, has a high quality slow feed hay net, it's built to last with a durable steel construction, and it helps saves on hay waste!  It's the whole package!  

Personalize Your Hay Hoarder

Here at Hay Hoarder, we love to personalize our horse accessories, so we decided to offer you two ways to spice up your Hay Hoarder!  Each Hay Hoarder Hopper comes in a durable gray powder coat, but you can bring a little color to your horses stall by choosing one of six different hay net colors!  We offer Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, Green, & Red hay nets to help you match your horses stall accessories!  

The second and more unique option for your Hay Hoarder is our optional vinyl graphic that includes your horses name (up to 10 characters)  Can you think of a cooler way to accessorize your horses hay feeder?.

Order your colorful Hay Hoarder today!

Special Notice

Hay Hoarder LLC urges The Hay Hoarder users to be conscience of the use of hay nets, especially with shod horses and horses wearing halters that may catch in hay nets.

Please remember to refer to all hay net hanging instructions to help ensure the safety of your horse(s).