The Hay Hoarder

An equine slow hay feeding system. Reduce your hay consumption using the genuine Shires slow feed hay net.

It’s easy to install and simple to fill.

Dramatic reduction in wasted hay.

Sturdy steel construction.

Build a Hopper

  • Save Money

    Hay Hoarder will save you money on your yearly hay bill because it incorporates a slow feeding hay net that helps minimize hay waste.

  • Large Capacity

    The large storage capacity of The Hay Hoarder (3/4-1 standard sized bale) makes for less work!

  • Easy to Fill

    The large opening of the Hay Hoarder Hopper makes. Filling the net a breeze! No more struggling with the hay net and there is no complicated latching system to worry about!

  • Heather (Hidden Valley Stables), PA

    "Wildcat and I really like The Hay Hoarder!  He eats a lot and it's nice to be able to fill the feeder once a day and know he'll have enough to last him all day and none of it will be wasted.  We'll be buying more for our other horses!"

  • Mary Smith, NY

    "I'm thrilled with my Hay Hoarders. It's amazing how much less hay is being wasted since I installed these feeders, and they're so easy to fill!  Great product!"