Our Story


Here at Hay Hoarder we are just your ordinary horse owners with a small hobby farm in the Southwest corner of Chautauqua County in Western New York, surrounded by thousands of acres of State Forest lands

Cathy is very passionate about the outdoors in general but even more so when it come to her horses. She enjoys all aspects of the hobby. Sometimes it is taking a long hike or working on horse trails, but she most enjoys the time spent riding her horses. The more time in the saddle the happier she is.

I also enjoy the outdoors but in a very different way. I like things with a gas pedal and brake. Riding my side by side through the trails or my Harley through the streets are my kind of outdoor sports. I have done my fair share of riding horses and caring for them, but I am more of the supportive man in the Equine hobby.

The desire to spend more time outdoors led us to the creation of Hay Hoarder. As we all know the time and cost of caring for our horses is a big commitment. We are driven by making it easier and less expensive so we could both enjoy the things we love more. Sometimes it’s together enjoying each other’s passions and sometimes it’s doing our own thing with friends.

One day I was out in the shop when Cathy came in very frustrated. She said “I finally found something that helps me save on hay but these darn nets are hard to fill and once they are full they are so heavy I can hardly lift them to hang them”.

I have spent most of my carrier creating products for others and solving problems that arise. Since I always love a challenge, I of course took this one on. One failed attempt after another, finally the hopper was born. We built one to see how it went. Within 2 days of a test run with our horses it was looking like a winner and built 4 more. In the next week we built 6 for our great neighbor friends who helped us refine the details. This is when we knew we were onto something and knew this was a product everyone should have. We searched to find a high quality net and found a small local manufacturer to build the hoppers.

The Hay Hoarder has helped us to eliminate hay waste and save time doing chores. More importantly, our horses have hay all day long allowing for a healthy horse diet. We hope you will decide to choose the Hay Hoarder to help you and your equine family.

Our goal is to simplify Horse Farm life one barn at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and Hay Hoarder.

Happy Trails

Sebastian & Cathy
Team Hay Hoarder