Net Attachment Instructions

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Step 1: 

1a. Unravel the net. 1b. Untie the rope removing it from the top loops and set aside. 1c. Stretch the net out flat as flat as possible on a table or other surface. Locate one rope loop at the top of the net that is approximately in the center of the net as it is lying flat. Note: the 7th loop from either end

Step 2:

On a table, place the side of the hopper, with all the net holes, hanging over the edge of the table enough so you can access the holes, about 2”

Step 3: 

3a. Locate the center hole on the flat side of the hopper and insert the center loop through the hole from the outside pushing inside. 3b. Now take the tie rope, removed earlier, and pull it through the center of the loop. This will now prevent to loop from pulling out of the hole.

Step 4:

Repeat inserting the loops through the hole and pulling the tie rope through the loop. Do this one hole at a time working your way around the hopper counterclockwise.

Step 5:

5a.Once all the loops are through all the holes with the tie rope pulled through, pull the tie rope through the first loop at the center, inserted earlier. The center loop should have both ends of the tie rope through it. 5b.Holding the hopper, pull at the bottom of the net to ensure all loops are snug or very close to the tie rope. Take the two ends of the tie rope, and tie around the loop, a double knot to secure.

Step 6:

You are now ready to attach your new Hay Hoarder to your wall location! 

Download Instructions PDF